We were there for the very first Park Road Parade. It started as a way to celebrate the business district after construction concluded. Over 20 years later, we can say we have recorded every parade that was held and it is one of the highlights for us each year. The 2020 Park Road Parade is cancelled Due to the pandemic and our friends on Park Road designed an awesome T-shirt around the theme: The Parade Marches On. Purchasing a T-shirt will give people discounts to local businesses. WHCI will donate one dollar for the first 500 people who become NEW subscribers to this YouTube channel to help our friends on Park Road who have supported us over the years with auction items and sponsorships to our Events like Take 5. So please show your love for Park Road by getting a T-shirt and subscribing and encouraging your friends to subscribe to our YouTube between October 2 and October 4 (Traditional parade weekend) and then take a picture on Social media like YouTube Facebook Instagram with the #ParkRoadLove. Go to parkroadct.com for more information about getting your parade T-shirt. Don’t forget to watch the as we replay parades from the past or check out the park road playlist on YouTube.