A new mural was installed on the front and side of the West Hartford Public Library in the spring and early summer of 2021. West Hartford community leaders and residents worked with the non-profit organization RiseUP to be one of 39 Connecticut communities participating in the MLK39: Racial Equity Mural Tour. The resulting mural, rendered by local artist Corey Payne, is called “A Journey Toward Freedom and Excellence,” and combines the untold story of West Hartford’s participation in slavery, the fight for freedom, civil rights and human rights, and through its persistence has continued to work toward a more equitable, diverse and welcoming community.

Each piece on the mural represents a story of individuals who have helped build the legacy of West Hartford and whose stories are not told nearly enough if at all, but now have been immortalized in the center of town.

Join us for a Community Conversation to learn more about the mural and people and stories represented within it. Moderated by Earl Exum, President of West Hartford African American Social & Cultural Organization.

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