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Real Estate Agents Recycle, Inc.

We're proud to announce that Real Estate Agents Recycle, Inc. has chosen to sponsor Take 5 as a Director for $300.

Join us in saying thank you to Real Estate Agents Recycle for their generosity!


real estate agents recycle

"As you prepare for an upcoming move or major life change, we align with you and your agent to donate, repurpose and recycle unwanted items. We provide a personalized approach that offers convenience, efficiency and flexibility during an overwhelming process. We help ease your conscience and relieve unnecessary stress associated with these life transitions.

In 2016, we co-founded REAcycle to make an appreciable difference in the lives of those left out of the American dream of permanent, decent housing and fair wage jobs. It’s our goal to put those who are underemployed or who need a second chance to work on behalf of our clients."